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Valerie said:   December 27, 2009 12:57 pm PST
The day i put these up i was sitting inside a resturant and my friend pointed out that someone was looking inside my car! I realized they were taking a card! I counted out 10 cards on each side and 2 weeks after putting them up i have 3 on one side and 6 on the other! These could be used as a tax rightoff and every single place you go, your getting potential clients. I have even considered spending the entire day at the mall so the longer my car is there, the more people see my business information!

Carolyn Kraham said:   December 19, 2009 1:46 pm PST
I am finding this item to be very helpful in my business! I only put 10 cards in at a time so I can count them every few days and see how man yhave been taken - I have noticed that 5-7 are taken each week - that's GREAT! Thank you so much not only for your quality product but for your excellent customer service as well!

Steve @ said:   December 16, 2009 4:14 am PST
Hey Artie, You have a fantastic product here. Lawn care business owners need to constantly look for new ways to reach out to potential customers and this product does it. Steve

Artie Crowley said:   October 22, 2009 10:51 pm PST
Thank you for visiting our Testimonial Page. If you have a testimonial about our product, Please let us know. Thank You! Artie Crowley

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I have found a fantastic new product that I have to share with the green industry. Pictured to above is a clear plastic business card holder that affixes to your vehicle, store front, signs…you name it.
I received mine a week ago and installed it right away.  It went on very easy using adhesive strips. I would recommend that you measure and level where you want it on your vehicle to avoid crooked placement.  It also comes with a handy “Take A Card” vinyl graphic to go above or below your holder…I put mine above the holder.
The holders are made from durable plastic and are virtually water proof.  They have a strong spring snap down lid that won’t let water in.  Trust me we have had sever thunderstorms here in Central Ontario for the past week and my business cards are still bone dry.  I would recommend that you take out the cards if you pressure wash your vehicle as the extreme water pressure will cause the flap to lift if you are not careful.
I’ll post a photo to show it on my work truck.  I placed the holder on my rear door window for maximum visibility.
The card holder works for you when you are not around.  At the jobsite, hardware store, buying groceries, the mall…it will hand out your business card for you 24/7, just as long as you keep it stocked up.  I put 10 business cards in mine eight days ago now and refilled it up today…seven were missing, I am very pleased.
These card holders also come in different styles.  One with different color lids to stand out.  And if you really want an impact the round holder jumps off the page making sure potential clients take your card.
To learn more about these great products and to see what else they offer visit
Just to let everyone know that this is not a sales pitch and I am not collecting any profits from sales here.  This is just my honest opinion about a great product.  It still amazes me that the simplest of products are usually the best ideas.
EDITAbout 15 minutes after I posted this I received my first phone call from a woman that took my card while I was shopping yesterday evening.  I now think I need another one for the passenger side.  Everyone that owns a business needs one of these.  If you have any direct questions or comments please post them here or email us at
The Lawn Blog rates this product a 5 out of 5.
Truly great idea! I have only had my Take A Card Square Clear up for a day or two and already have had several comments and I noticed this evening there is a card missing! Hooray!
Yes, I count the cards at the end of the day. lol My wife made fun of me.
I can't wait to get me some brochure holders!
JD Other Side Lawn Care
I receive many "what a great idea!" comments about my Take A Card box on my vehicle.  Sometimes, while waiting at a stoplight, I'll hear a little click noise, and when I check my mirror, I'll see someone jumping back into their car after having taken my business card.  I receive quite a few calls from my business lettering on the back window of my vehicle, and the Take A Card box makes it so much more convenient for the caller to just grab my card rather than remembering or writing down my number.
Thank you.
Maggie Test
The Leashed We Can Do, Inc.
We are in need of more Take A Cards! They are working great for our business. We are general contractors and place them on our signs. We can hardly keep them filled, and the phone rings and rings from people who have “Take A Card”.. We would like to order 4 more.
Thank You,
Lorri /JMA Construction
Newbury Park, CA.
I have had Take A Card on my service vehicle for several months now and have had many leads and have gotten the job over my competitors, thanks to Take A Card . Having my business cards always available is great.
Thanks for a product that really works,
RCL Specialties INC.
North Miami, FL.
I just ordered 4 more Take A Card. I have only had them a couple weeks and have gotten 2 solid leads from this effort and 1 loan will happen for sure because of Take A Card. So far so good.
VP/ Mortgage Loan Officer
Bank of America
"I just want to tell you again how much we love this product. It really works. I count the cards and a day does not go by when I'm not replacing them. Thank you."
Mark B. Those Heater Guys
"Our experience with the Take A Card has been wonderful. The Take A Card has been a great asset and promoter for our company. Business cards are an essential part of our business and with the Take A Card we get more business. It has been a great investment and totally worth the money. I would strongly recommend the investment to anyone without question. It would be a total loss not to do so."
Southwest Plumbing
"Great design, wind doesn't empty the cards out. I've got access to 100's of potential customers. It looks great and lasts. I bought one for all my trucks, trailers and haulers. I highly recommend it."
Michael Villeneuve Sand and Sea Toys
"Thank you for my Take A Card. It has helped me promote my business without effort. It's great to have my business cards on the side of my van, because when I'm approached by potential clients, I don't have to stop what I'm doing to attend to them, or hand them one of my cards. All I do is tell them to take a card and call me later. I love it!"
Liz E. The pampered Pet Mobile
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